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Hello there! We are Mark and Jacob, and we like to be prepared for the day ahead. We prefer to know what’s up with the weather out there. And that is the precise reason we love Weather by WeatherBug. In fact, we love it so much, that we’ve created this website to spread the love.

If you, just like us, spend countless minutes wondering if you should take an umbrella or not, if an extra jumper will save you from hypothermia or on the contrary will be responsible for your getting baked alive - weather by WeatherBug is a real life-saver!
After you invite this helpful insect to live in your device, it will take good care of you, providing:

  • Weather forecasts and news.
  • Live Cams support for checking how moody climate can be.
  • Weather Outlook for 10 days to come.
  • Traffic alerts.
  • Detailed prognosis for a day.
  • Cached data for offline usage.
  • And more!

With WeatherBug, you can stay tuned about weather conditions around the clock.
Don't let thunderstorms, blizzards, hurricanes drizzle, mizzle and snowing catch you off guard ever again. WeatherBug uses the most reliable meteorological sources to predict the weather, which allows you to stay one step ahead of the capricious climate.

The forecasts aren't limited by your neighborhood, which is especially useful if you travel a lot both for leisure or business purposes. Before booking your tickets to Costa Rica or Norway, make sure that it's not the time yet for rainy season or snow storms.

And how rich customization is: choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius, knots or KPH, inches or millibars and so on. Select another language if it's necessary: Spanish, French, Japanese etc. And put a widget on the home screen for quick & easy access.
WeatherBug is a Bug you don't want to exterminate.


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